We’ve barely started flexing our muscles around South Florida, and already the rave reviews have started trickling in. Ordinarily, SOBeHeard will give you, our readers, an opportunity to chime in on what you think about our features and sections; but for now we decided to let you hear about our plans to take South Florida by storm, and we requested the help of a few friends of the project to get the message across:
Being good sports

It is with great enthusiasm that Nike welcomes SOBeFiT Magazine to South Florida. Nike believes in the intrinsic worth of health and physical fitness and looks forward to SOBeFiT Magazine’s success in focusing on regional fitness, sports and nutritional challenges.

The core values which SOBeFiT Magazine espouses (health, fitness, nutrition and sports) should appeal to all South Floridians. As another company that values fitness and health, we look forward to partnering with SOBeFiT Magazine in the future as we work toward creating a community of informed and participative readers.

Best of Luck,
Erica Pedreguera
Nike, Inc.
Helpful spotting
We’re so excited about the launch of the new SOBeFiT Magazine. Everyone knows Miami is famous for not only its beaches and nightlife, but as a city with an active and athletic lifestyle. Now, we have a magazine dedicated to featuring all the info locals need to stay fit and have fun – two things that Crunch is all about.

From where to get the latest athletic gear to what to eat to fuel your workout, we’re sure our members will be turning to SOBeFiT as a resource for healthy living in Miami. As a member of the South Beach community, we welcome you to the neighborhood and look forward to seeing the magazine read on treadmills and stationary bikes across the gym.

See you at the gym!

Your friends at Crunch Miami

Starting fresh
On behalf of Quirch Foods, I would like to welcome your team and magazine to the South Florida fitness scene and thank you for the opportunity to participate in a meaningful exchange on nutrition with our local community. I'm certain the SOBeFiT approach to fitness - combining sports, health, and nutrition in a local context - will be a success in the local media market.

As one of the largest distributors of fresh food products in the state of Florida, we appreciate all efforts to educate consumers on matters concerning good nutrition and the tremendous variety of healthy foods available to us all. We look forward to seeing your readers' comments, concerns, and suggestions about the food they eat, and we'll be happy to participate in any way we can.

We wish you all possible success with your new publication, and we hope this is just the first of many editions to come.

Warmest regards to your team and your readers,

Victor Arechavaleta
Marketing Manager
Quirch Foods Co.
Miami, FL

The right magazine at the right time
I believe in the SOBeFiT project because I believe that the preservation of health is an individual duty. However, few people seem to be conscious of the concept of physical morality due to a lack of education and promotion of the idea.

The SOBeFiT project can make great strides in helping to educate and motivate the public to take better care of its health. Therefore, the SOBeFiT project can not only help reduce the healthcare burden on society, but also help individuals live life to the fullest, become participants rather than just spectators and maintain enthusiasm for each and every day.

Anthony A. Abbott, EdD, FACSM, CSCS*D

Reader Interaction
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